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WorldPay Sponsors the Lampidis Cancer Foundation

The Lampidis Cancer Foundation has partnered with global payment processing company WorldPay to raise awareness and funding for the work of Dr Theodore Lampidis among the business community. Switch to WorldPay as your electronic payment processing provider and WorldPay will donate a portion of their profit to the Lampidis Cancer Foundation on your behalf to help fund groundbreaking efforts in cancer research.

Dr Lampidis is the Professor of Cell Biology at the University of Miami and a member of Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. He is a pioneer in exploring and exploiting the unique usage of glucose in cancer cells using simple sugars such as 2-Deoxyglucose (2-DG). His discovery is based on the fact that the cancer cells most resistant to chemotherapy found within the inner core of all solid tumors do not receive enough oxygen (hypoxia) and therefore must rely exclusively on sugar to survive. Feeding these hypoxic tumor cells a false sugar such as 2-DG effectively ‘starves’ them to death and kills off the tumor.

Unfortunately, 2-DG is not patentable and so pharmaceutical companies are not interested in investing in future clinical trials. With recent cuts to Federal funding, the Lampidis Cancer Foundation has been campaigning to raise $10 million to support Dr Lampidis’ pioneering work on 2-DG through the next stages of clinical trials, with the single-minded goal of making it readily available to cancer sufferers around the world.

WorldPay processes payments for more than 500,000 businesses around the world, from name brand retailers to your favorite local shop. According to Mark Phillips, regional account executive for WorldPay in Florida, “We are delighted to be able to support the potentially life-changing work of Dr Lampidis. This partnership offers an easy way for participating businesses and their customers to support such a worthy cause.”

“We are extremely grateful to WorldPay for supporting our fundraising endeavors,” said Lee Phillips, Executive Director at the Lampidis Cancer Foundation. “Their global reach and trusted brand will be invaluable to us in raising awareness of Dr Lampidis’ vital cancer research among the business community, and will help us accelerate Phase 2 clinical trials for 2-DG.”

To find out more how you can become a WorldPay partner and support the Lampidis Cancer Foundation, visit: