Students for 2-DG

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Keep up-to-date on the latest activities of students who are advancing community awareness of 2-DG cancer research.

Students for 2-DG was conceptualized and formed in March 2016, by four students from MAST @ Homestead – the nationally renowned Medical Academy for Science and Technology based in South Florida.

Here’s what Max Losner, Senior Class President at MAST, has to say:
“MAST students represent the future of scientific research and discovery. It’s up to us to step in where industry is failing, and raise the flag for viable cancer treatments like 2-DG that aren’t getting the exposure and funding they need. Today, our group is working to raise awareness among other high school leaders across South Florida about the groundbreaking research of Dr. Lampidis. We encourage all students at schools and universities across the nation to follow suit and join our cause!”

Meet Our Team
Ashlee Sealy
Max Losner
Fernando Calero


If you are a school or college and would like to galvanize your student body in support of 2-DG research, please get in touch. We’d love to have you join our cause!