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Welcome to the 2-DG Institute. The Institute was established by the Lampidis Foundation to facilitate global collaboration between researchers who are interested in exploring 2-DG as a combination treatment protocol for cancer, as well as to explore promising anti-viral applications using 2-DG to combat diseases such as Herpes, HIV, Ebola, and Coronavirus. We are interested in collaborating with other 2-DG researchers around the world to further our knowledge and support the development of new treatment protocols.


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Through the eons of time, out of all possible configurations, nature has selected glucose not only as a vital source of energy to sustain life but also as the molecule who's structure supplies the appropriate elements required for a cell to grow and multiply. This understanding, at least in part, explains the profound effects that the analog of glucose, 2-deoxy-d-glucose, has been shown to have on as common and widespread diseases as cancer, viral infection, aging-related morbidity, epilepsy, and others.

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The 2-DG Institute is powered by the Lampidis Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to highlighting the groundbreaking work of 2-DG pioneer Dr. Theodore Lampidis and other prominent researchers in this field, and finding an evidence-based treatment protocol for cancer and other diseases. We are staffed by volunteers and rely on your generosity to keep this vital work moving forward.