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More Positive Results That 2-DG Is Effective Against Cancer

A new paper by a well-respected research scientist has just been published today in an equally well-respected journal (PLoS ONE), adding to the overwhelming case for 2-DG to be used as a universal treatment for cancer. In this article, the investigators demonstrate that by delivering 2-DG chronically in the diet, a lethal form of cancer, Ehrlich’s Ascites tumor, can be inhibited in mice.

There is now more than enough third-party evidence to back up the results from the Lampidis Lab, which itself has more than 30 peer-reviewed publications on the mechanisms by which 2-DG exerts its remarkably selective effects on a wide variety of cancer types. We are confident that we are indeed on the right track, and must redouble our efforts to overcome the obstacles of enabling 2-DG to be used to treat cancer patients world-wide.

It has become quite clear that because 2-DG has such widespread application in so many different cancer types, regardless of their tissue of origin as well as their oncogenic profile, the pharmaceutical industry is not interested in seeing this universal cancer treatment progress from the Phase I human clinical trials we have been through. Unfortunately, since no-one owns the compositional patent rights to this drug, there is little monetary incentive for the pharmaceutical industry to provide the financial resources required to bring 2-DG through the next phases of human trials to make it available as a frontline anti-cancer agent.

I firmly believe that the biochemical laws behind why 2-DG is a universal, relatively non-toxic treatment for cancer, are as solid as those physical laws responsible for gravity. There is an axiom in science that most of us live by and want to believe: “The truth will prevail”. Our hope is that one day this will apply to 2-DG finally being approved for patient use.

Hopefully, with the help of those reading this blog and reaching out to friends, associates and relatives to join us, the day that 2-DG can be made available to treat the millions that are now suffering from this devastating disease will come sooner rather than later.

Here’s a link to the research publication: