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Uno Magnetic Partners with Latina Celebrity Lorena Rojas and the Lampidis Cancer Foundation

The Lampidis Cancer Foundation has partnered with interactive lifestyle company Uno Magnetic and famed Latina celebrity Lorena Rojas to raise awareness and funding for the groundbreaking cancer research of Dr Theodore Lampidis.

Founded by the award-winning designer Luis Pons, Uno Magnetic will support the Foundation through the sale of their innovative range of interactive bracelets. A special landing page on features the work of Dr Lampidis and showcases the products available for purchase. The bracelets retail for between $10-$14 per item and 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of each bracelet will go to the Foundation.

The partnership is supported by Lorena Rojas, a Mexican actress, singer, and song writer who is best known for her leading roles in popular Telenovelas. A cancer sufferer herself, Ms Rojas is a keen supporter of the potentially life-changing work of Dr Lampidis and is helping to raise awareness among her considerable fan base.

Dr Lampidis is the Professor of Cell Biology at the University of Miami and a member of Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. He is a pioneer in exploring and exploiting the unique usage of glucose in cancer cells using simple sugars such as 2-Deoxyglucose (2-DG) to kill tumors. His discovery is based on the fact that the cancer cells most resistant to chemotherapy found within the inner core of all solid tumors do not receive enough oxygen (hypoxia) and therefore must rely exclusively on sugar to survive. Feeding these hypoxic tumor cells a false sugar such as 2-DG effectively ‘starves’ them to death.

Unfortunately, 2-DG is not patentable and so pharmaceutical companies are not interested in investing in future clinical trials. Hence, the Lampidis Cancer Foundation has been campaigning to raise $10 million to support Dr Lampidis’ pioneering work on 2-DG through the next stages of clinical trials, with the single-minded goal of making it readily available to cancer sufferers around the world.

According to Lorena Rojas, “As a cancer sufferer myself, I am only too acutely aware of the effect this disease can have on people. But now, thanks to Dr Theodore Lampidis’ groundbreaking research, there is hope for millions of people like me who are affected by this devastating global disease.”

Mark Osenga, CEO of Uno Magnetic, said, “Thanks to Dr Lampidis’ remarkable work, we could be on the brink of a cure for cancer, and hopefully the sale of Uno bracelets will help to ensure that his research is brought to fruition for the benefit of Lorena and millions of people like her.”

“We are extremely grateful to Lorena and Uno Magnetic for supporting our fundraising endeavors,” said Lee Phillips, Executive Director at the Lampidis Cancer Foundation. “This unique collaboration will hopefully help us accelerate Phase 2 clinical trials for 2-DG and make this potential cure readily available to cancer sufferers around the world.”

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